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Facilitating problem solving, effective communication, and healthy parenting with couples looking to achieve happiness and have their needs met in their relationships or through divorce/separation.

Are you worried that your relationship will end and don’t know what to do, or how to change it? Are you caught in the same arguments over and over with no resolve? Do you feel that the other person understands and takes your needs seriously? Are you unsure how to approach your partner without creating another fight? Do you feel anxious, alone, and scared?

Kerry Vega specializes in changing unhelpful behaviours and developing new strategies to enhance your relationships, meet personal needs, and lead a more fulfilling life.

"I am 38 years old, CEO of my own company, and strongly driven towards success. However, my family life and confidence were in shambles. I was fighting with my husband constantly, and didn’t know how I could fix our relationship. I was starting to fear that there was too much damage done and we were past the point of counselling. I was even wondering if the relationship was worth fixing. Our first session with Kerry was amazing….we both asked each other why we hadn’t come to see her years earlier. We could have been working together as a partnership all this time rather than tearing each other down. She helped me recognize my husband’s perspective, and he mine. She gave us an understanding of what we both needed to feel loved and appreciated in our relationship and how to follow through on this. We saw her for 6 sessions and it saved our marriage. We are the happiest we have ever been! I have now started seeing her again regarding my career and how I can push past the limits I place on myself and advance my company. She has changed the way I look at problems and helps me focus on the solution."

Michelle G.

The most common relationship issues that people call Kerry Vega for support are:


Often what we realize we struggle with on the surface are just symptoms of what is more deep-rooted and at the core of the problem. Working through our core issues, such as low self-esteem and anxiety, enables us to make permanent changes that allow us to lead more fulfilling lives.

If you are struggling with your Relationships it is important to look at how your behaviours and thoughts are hurting you and preventing you from leading a more fulfilling life.

"I was feeling completely overwhelmed and consumed by my boyfriend's addiction and was wondering why I can't ever seem to pick a "normal" boyfriend. After one session with Kerry she helped me realize some of the patterns I have in relationships, and the best thing I can do for myself is work on my own issues of low self-esteem and how to have a healthy relationship. I left feeling full of hope and have made many positive changes in my life as a result of working with Kerry."

Tamara C.

Individual and Couples Counselling

Kerry Vega works with women and couples wanting to achieve happiness in -career, parenting, marriage and in all their significant relationships. Many independent women call on Kerry’s support, clarity and skills as well as her deep understanding of the challenges of being a career woman and wearing the other many hats successfully. Women who have traditionally focused on their careers and are wondering how they can possibly manage adding a relationship to the mix. Especially a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP! Kerry assists women in what holds them back and how to maneuver through the jungle gym of their careers and the dating world.

Why seek counselling?

People have counselling for many reasons. To better understand yourself and your interactions. To better affect change in your relationships. To provide accountability in this change. To push yourself to enhance your career and/or relationship. To gain an understanding as to how best to communicate with your partner so you both feel heard and respected. To meet both of your needs and to even discover what those needs are.


Kerry works in a very here-and-now, present and future, solution focused approach. She works with you on assessing your needs and how to take action to make the changes you desire. She deals with the most pertinent issues at hand that you are struggling with RIGHT NOW and then works her way backwards to why we do what we do. Regular counselling can help highlight the areas where change may be needed in order to break unhelpful patterns enabling you to gain a better understanding of yourself and our partners. She aims to provide a supportive environment for you to explore whatever it is that you are struggling with, and facilitate you in your process of healing and achieving emotional wellness. Kerry offers conflict/communication coaching, couples counselling, divorce coaching, parenting after separation, step-parenting, mediation, and consulting services.